king Coat Rack


“King” is a new Amitrani product born of an algorithm, developed within Amitrani, thanks to which it became possible to shape some planar elements with particularly cut edges. Fitting together many pieces, its joined faces only match if each single element is curved at a specific radius. Taking advantage of the elasticity of the wood and of its by-products, such as plywood, it is possible to obtain double bended surfaces from planar pieces.

“King” is a clothes hanger which gains an important role in the furnishing of an environment. An object which is very functional, but at the same time restores in the house, a typical shape of the natural environment with its organic shape. “King” takes up approximately 50 cm diameter of space, it is made up of eight hooks where jackets and accessories can be hanged. It is also possible to store a large quantity of magazines or other objects in the weave of its particular structure.

Product details:


  • Dimensions: W. 50 cm D. 50 cm H. 172.5
  • Product Material: Birch plywood
  • Finish: Natural Color (water-based paint)
  • Customizable product: Yes (color)